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Candles have been used for centuries to light, accent and improve our lives and sensibilities. Our candles will delight and surprise you with the ambience they create. Your life and health will improve from the very first day.

We believe in our commitment to our customers. Our pledge to you is to offer you the best product available. NuVey is the standard of quality and excellence because we give you the service you deserve and we do the research for you.

Summer featured items!

Candle Garden

Includes holder and three lavender scented pillar candles!
Item CND501
$ 2.99

NuVey uses PayPal for payments.  You may use your credit card or checking account to make payments.  It is the safest and most efficient way for you to pay and your privacy is fully protected.

Northern Snow Tree Garden

Includes holder and three cone shaped pillar candles!
Item CND502
$ 2.99

FREE! With any order of votive candles, this lovely set of votive candle holders!
(may not be exactly as pictured)

A Special Gift that anyone will appreciate! The soothing glow of candlelight is welcome at dinner, on quiet evenings, or during a long soak in the bath.  Each set includes various candles, glass platter, and colorful "stones" to catch the light.
CN831 Fruit Scent $35.95

CN841 Floral Scent $35.95








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